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Thanks Mark, I only started preparing IT12s on Monday after the season opened to allow for any bugs to be sorted. I must say I am very impressed with the improvements both on your side and SARS. Its a breeze  to do if you have all the information at hand. I single handed submitted about 90 IT12’s in the course of 2 days.
Phillip Meyer
Meyer Accounting Services

Comment by Mark
This must be a world record for doing tax returns. I defy any other vendor to do the same or anyone just using e-filing to even come close. Sky Tax is known as the fastest tax production system in South Africa

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We’ve been using Sky Tax for a couple of years after switching from your Tax Manager Software.
The software is amazing and we continually find new parts of the software to make our work more streamlined. Michael Snowball -
Malcolm Snowball & Associates

"We thought we bought a Mini, but instead we got a Ferrari!"
Andrew Lake from Lake Ntuli Profesional Accountants

We save so much time its ridiculous!"
So says Andrew Alt of Charteris & Barnes. "We use Draftworx to publish accounts and Sky Tax to file tax returns. The tax return data from Draftworx moves into Sky Tax automatically and we file 40 to 60 ITR14's a day through Sky.