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The most comprehensive secretarial practice and company law resource in RSA - we introduce a subscription

It is a fact that since the CIPC upped the ante on company law compliance there is going to be more and more work in the company law and secretarial practice area, as directors now have to comply with onerous tasks that they probably dont understand. Company Law compliance is now essential as non compliance could be an offence with penalties and jail terms in certain cases.

Owing to the amount of work that Accfin devotes to secretarial and company law practice we feel that many people benefit from the work we do, including our competitors so we would like to change the way this works, making sure that our own clients get the best possible service first with the best possible value.

We have introduced an annual subscription service which will run from 1st March for a year. The amount of the subscription will be R1380 inclusive. As mentioned, all Accfin clients will get all the resources from the community for free. If one of the members of the community wishes to buy one of our products then we will credit them with the unexpired amount paid for the subscription period.


• the latest up-to-date information from the CIPC as we know it • advice on complex secretarial transactions that you do • the new CIPC Compliance Form • template of resolutions • attendance to at least 8 webinars a year giving you 16 hours of CPD. • 12 hours of recorded company law webinars that you can run in your own time • access to comprehensive company law notes • training on how to do certain company law transactions including all the paperwork required • why you have to be electronic • why you need digital signatures • mandate and letters • free version of Accfin's Cash Flow Forecaster

Ideal for intermediate, junior and senior people and any one in a secretarial department who want to brush up their company law and secretarial practice knowledge. This course deals with many of the advanced aspects of company law an the tips and traps

This course is ideal for intermediate, junior and senior people and any one in a secretarial department who want to brush up their company law and secretarial practice knowledge. Senior Secretarial Consultants who also need a refresher to many of the new concepts before joining the advanced free course.


We will continually be running webinars on everything secretarial. The next batch of webinars will be as follows;-

The CIPC Compliance Form, the law and breaking news There will also be a comphrehensive webinar on Close Corporations 

Your Questions

We will continue to answer all questions on transactions that you send. The best ones will be in an answer and question database on our website and will be available to members of the community.

Company Secretarial Documents

We will provide you with a sample set of resolutions and forms our software produces. You will also receive our detailed set of notes including the mandate that that your clients should sign before you commence company secretarial work for them.

You Might Be Wondering...

Who we are?

Accfin Software is more than 30 years old and we have been doing Company Secretarial systems since 1987. Sky Sec is now our 4th generation clould based software with the new compliance form.

Do I have to read this whole thing?

Of course not! We created a comprehensive resource to be valuable for beginners and company secretarial practices alike. Whether you need tips, tricks, or a refresher, hop onto our website to find our more of what we do.