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Our MoneyMaker Cash Flow Forecaster consulting tool combines an easy way of helping your clients survive during a high cash deterioration period like after the December break prior to the insolvency month in March. The Cash Flow Forecaster product gives you the tools and resources to make the right decisions for the survival and growth of your clients.  Explore all that Cash Flow Forecaster has to offer.

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Stop Feeling Stressed About your clients cash flow and whether they will survive. Do something to help!

Cash Flow Forecaster is free

Cash Flow Forecaster is loved by all who use it. Devised and written by Mark Silberman as a consulting tool and  is perfect for most businesses, easy to use and is totally menu driven. Obtain now and save your business or your clients business!
Easy to use and fast.

  • presenting financial requests to banks
  • quest by a business to raise money from investors
  • preparing long term budgets and financial plans
  • financial planning - determine capital required
  • capital budgeting

  • all types of businesses
  • determine stock level to fit in with cash flow
  • determine the consequences of VAT on your cash flow
  • unlimited plans
  • roll model to new years therefore multiple years
  • Tax planning



Our Goal

Is for you the accountant to help your clients survive which will help you create a stream of income that you do not have. 

We believe that life is more fun when you live to work, not work to live. When you secure your clients, you can take control of the rest of your life.  

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What our clients say:


Just wanted to let you know that I used your cash flow application for a start up business toward the end of last year and it works fantastically. The client was super excited at the simple presentation that they could understand, which is most important as the plan should be a living document that the client can use to test and measure performance of their business – it’s certainly not to be used as a once off document but should be the commensurate budget.


I have used, and still do, use various business plan programmes – especially for start ups but your application really works for me in that it can be integrated with a business plan as an addendum, or separately for each section of the plan, or even as a stand alone. I am impressed – very well done, this is a valuable tool in my arsenal of business advisory software. Thank you

Don Hutchinson

B.Compt (SAIPA) Member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants

I have made use of this product for well over a decade. It is easy to use and produces result quickly. Variations in assumptions are carried through to the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow predictions immediately.

I would recommend this product without hesitation. I have found it to be effective and have used it successfully in overseeing many successful initiatives.
Congratulations Mark on this wonderful product that is such an invaluable tool for practicing accountants and entrepreneurs alike!
Gr Clur
River Group
East London


We have done 10 bank applications with this software, and all 10 applications have been approved. These are with different banks ranging from Nedbank to Ithala.
The cashflow forecaster is a “game changer,” and a “must have” for any practice serious about adding value to their clients, and making the bank’s assessments of the clients financial affairs all that much easier. Also from a time perspective, it save so much of time, as the entire process is formula driven!
We are higher impressed. The banks were highly impressed. They have never seen something like this in Kwa-Zulu Natal.
Your’s faithfully
Vidyanth Bhola
Certified Financial Accountant


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Don’t spend another minute stressing about money for your clients. Do something to help them survive!  

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