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Very soon the start of the new filing season will be upon us! Stop, Think and Plan!  

The 2019 season for tax returns and the 2020 season for provisional tax returns hits you virtually at the same time.  

As Tax Practitioners we need to start the plan for the new season right now as it will get away from us very soon. It is my intention to go through the procedure of what you should be doing from this moment on - in a free webinar.  

Some of the topics that I will be covering will be as follows;  

1. Make sure you have got your engagements and mandates in place. 2. Calculate your fees and profits in advance. 3. Start writing to your clients requesting information with the date that you require the information from, so that you can start the process. 4. At the same time plan the 2020 provisional tax season which is coming up.  

In regard to the above we are going to cover some risk control features that are absolutely necessary for the start of the new season; -  

We will deal with some of the terms of the SARS e-filing terms and conditions and I will point out some traps and why it is absolutely necessary.  

We will discuss the communications that you have with your clients by way of email and letter and give some examples. Why you should never ever log in to your client’s profile to change any tax information and why your client should be on your profile.  

We will also discuss some of the changes to the ITR12.  

We will table the mandate and some letters. We will be using Sky Tax as the backdrop to some of the discussion.